Melasma and Pigments Treatment

Melasma and Pigments Treatment

Melasma is an acquired condition of the skin that involves sun exposed parts especially face leading to symmetrical pigmented spots that may blend together to form a confluent patch or islands of patches. It is also very common in pregnancy where it is known as Chloasma. Definite cause is uncertain, however, there is a documented role of hormones especially in females. The most important factor in development of melasma remains the exposure to sunlight. It is very common in women but men also suffer from this condition frequently.

Avoidance of sun exposure and use of high-SPF sunscreens (50+) can prevent the development of melasma even during pregnancy.

Melasma is very difficult to treat. Its development is gradual and resolution is also very slow. Other pigmentary spots such as solar Lentigo and age spots along with melasma are treated very effectively with Nd: YAG and IPL technology we have at Corneum Lasers. Specific chemical peels have also good results in clearing melasma spots, however, the finest results are obtained when ND: YAG laser is combined with special chemical peels and or Microdermabrasion.

We have range of high line medicated products for such pigments which help lightening these spots and giving a brighter complexion.

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