Piokiloderma Reduction

Poikiloderma - A Reddish Brown Pigmentation

Poikiloderma is an acquired, chronic and progressive condition involving lateral (side) aspect of the face, neck and chest . It involves the fair skinned people usually in their adult and older age. It leads to a significant cosmetic disfigurement. The exact cause of this condition is not known, however, it may be associated with prolonged  exposure to sun (ultraviolet light), hormonal changes, hereditary and certain cosmetic product allergies. It occurs in both genders, but  more commonly in females.

Patients commonly present with a longstanding symmetrical reddish-brown discoloration on the side of  their cheeks and neck. Usually there is no symptom, but some patients may present with mild itching, burning or altered sensation over the affected area.

Management Options:

  • No definite medical treatment is available for Poikiloderma
  • IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light) therapy is a good and perhaps the only option that works on this condition. IPL fades the discoloration to a large extent if not completely giving good cosmetic results. It is safe and needs 4-6 sessions to get the best results. There is no downtime and patient feels comfortable during the treatment.
  • The vascular component of the Poikiloderma responds to non invasive YAG Laser in a much better, so IPL if combined with this modality gives even better results.

Prevention and Control:

  • Avoidance of sun/ultra violet light exposure remains the mainstay in prevention and applying sun screens higher than 30 every 2 hourly when exposed to sun is very essential to prevent it.
  • Cosmetics and fragrances should be strictly avoided over the affected area.




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