It’s not just about a product !

Since ancient times people are concerned about their beautification. Looking striking and gorgeous is an inherent desire of all people irrespective of the gender; however women commonly show more interest and keep on looking for innovative cosmetic products and procedures to protect the skin and enhance their beauty.

Many products are available in the market all over the world with variable quality, merits and demerits. The field of medical cosmetology has revolutionized this demanding industry with high quality medicated products.

We believe, the selection of a product, either for protecting the natural texture of your skin, preventing the effects of deleterious environmental irritants or for the treatment of certain skin condition is the key to unveil the hidden beauty.

Once a skin problem whether it’s a faint pigment or resistant blemish develops, is very hard to be treated with hundred percent results. So, we also believe that “prevention is better than cure” and it can only be achieved by using top line medicated products.

Keeping in view of all these essentialities, our medical professionals recommend FDA approved topline products for this reason.

Various skin conditions need different treatments but all require a supportive topical treatment to enhance the treatment results and for ongoing protection of your skin.

We have high grade medicated cosmetic product line necessary for your skin health, protection and smoothness. These products not only protect you from harmful effects of sun but also remove blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines to transform your skin to a blossoming youthful appearance.

Our aim is to gain the confidence & satisfaction of our valued clients & Patients. Our medical professionals with more than 25 years of experience in clinical practice will be pleased to address your queries, concerns and would help you choosing the best treatment that suits your skin.

Just try our fine collection of sophisticated IMAGE Skin Care – an established name in Skin Care Industry

  •  Ageless, for aging skin,
  •  Vital C, for environmentally damaged, sensitive and redness prone skin (Sun sensitive)
  •  Ormedic, organic ingredients with medical effectiveness.
  •  Clear Cell, for acne & oily skin
  •  The MAXtm, best for correction, prevention and nutrition
  •  Prevention Plus, an evolution of moisturizers with broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection.
  •  BODY SPA, Formulated for overall-being.
  •  ILUMA, enlighten, brighten and illuminate all skin tones for an even, glowing complexion.
  • And many more

You may get in touch with us for more information on our products and services. Book a free consult to unveil the secret of your beauty !