Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea Treatment

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a very common skin disorder. It has different types. It is characterized by facial flushing & redness which may be accompanied by burning or stinging sensation. Involved areas of the skin may appear rough and scaly. Emotional stress, alcohol, hot drinks, spicy foods, very hot or cold weather and hot shower are among the important triggering factors.

Pus laden lesions and patches may develop at a later stage. Middle age women are usual victims of this type. Other variants are ocular & nodular rosacea. RhynoPhyma is a specific name for rosacea of the nasal skin in which the nose becomes large, red and bumpy (bulbous nose).

Management of Rosacea:

  • Vascular laser is the mainstay of rosacea treatment. Non ablative laser is very effective in treating Rosacea. It remodels the connective tissue of the skin while strengthen its surface barrier. Laser therapy use wavelengths which are absorbed by the hemoglobin content of the blood leading to vessel reduction while causing no damage to the surrounding tissue.
  • IPL or intense pulsed light therapy is also very useful for vascular and pigmented lesions of the face. It rejuvenates the facial skin by erasing these lesions and giving face an amazing appearance.
  • Avoiding triggering factors is very essential in its management. It is very important to identify any such factor if present as mentioned above. It is important to control them before starting specif treatment of Rosacea.
  • Using broad spectrum sun screens (SPF) is also very important and is highly recommended in all patients with Rosacea.

We have an innovative, top line vascular laser technology and IPL (Intense pulsed light) to treat rosacea. It is a non-ablative technique that acts by remodeling the connective tissue in the deeper layers of skin. It leads to vessel size reduction and remarkably improves the facial redness. It requires 2 – 3 treatments 4-8 weeks apart to get the best results. It is very safe and comfortable procedure and there is no downtime.

***If your symptoms and signs are suggestive of these conditions, you are the right candidate to consult one of our team experts to know about the appropriate treatment approach.